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Letterman jackets are available in a number of styles that vary according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Nonetheless, the majority of customers of high school letterman jackets are students, and there are common features like the sewn letter; school colors; and the name or nickname of school, which typically appears on the back of the jacket. The letters are normally awarded to the students during their graduation year, which usually appears in the matching chenille of the jacket’s color. The name and the year are placed according to the tradition of the particular school. The year is most often sewn on top of the left pocket or on the right sleeveLetterman jackets.  Sometimes the letter awarded to the students is the first letter of the name of school like, for Borland High School the letter given to the students will most likely be a B. Medals that students win in competitions are often sewn at the top-right pocket of the letterman jacket.

A common threshold for issuing letters with regards to individual competitions like tennis and golf depends on the participation in half or sometimes two-thirds of all matches contested. Other members of the team who fail to meet the requirement for a letter are awarded a certificate of participation which is considered to be of lesser value. On the same basis, some schools award letters on the merits of performance of students in team sports, academics or athletics. Higher numbers represent the greater performance of students in competition.  In some schools, general academic letters are awarded on the basis of high GPAs, like 3.8 or 4.

Letterman Jackets

Author: seobord  //  Category: Letterman Jackets

Letterman jackets are heavy winter-type coats traditionally worn by teenagers, normally students of high schools and some colleges and universities.  The term letterman comes from the presence of a letter stitched or embossed on the jackets. Letterman jackets are most common in the United States. Students wear these jackets to represent team membership or support, or to show the pride of winning personal awards earned in athletic or academic activities. Some areas also call them simply Varsity jackets.

At almost every high school, university and college, the athletics department awards students with a letter after completing the season or on the merits of a valuable performance or academic achievement. The awarded letters are sewn on the jacket, usually the front. The proud student wearing this jacket thus stands out for having achieved distinction.Letterman Jacket

It is common belief that these jackets might have originated from lettered sweaters or shirts usually worn by a school’s athletic team. The letter on the back of the sweater indicated the player’s position on the team.

Traditionally, letterman jackets were never sold before the student had earned the letter, though it is now steadily becoming the fashion in the United States. Some schools award letterman jackets in awards ceremonies, while other schools simply award the letter to students. Normally the letter is kept sewn to the jacket after graduation from the school. Many graduates keep the letter on their jackets as the symbol of accomplishment.

Always representative of the school’s color scheme, the body of the letterman jacket is usually made of boiled wool and the sleeves are made of lather with banded wrists and waistband. Another prominent feature of high school letterman jackets is the differing collars. Historically, the banded collars are traditionally for men while hoods are for women.